Who We Are

Who we are

We are the mexi boys!

The Goal: Bringing flavors of Mexico, with a twist!

Ed and Alex met working for a food truck long before they owned The Mexi-Boys. They both had a passion for business and were able to see the hard work and dedication it took to run a food truck. They decided to open up their own food truck. They’re both Mexican, so it was an easy choice to open up a Mexican food truck. They wanted to share the food, flavors and culture that they grew up with. They also wanted to be able to meet their customers wherever they were instead of having a stationary storefront restaurant.  
While the main goal was to bring the flavors of Mexican food to our customers, the secondary goal was to put twists on classic dishes so they could leave a lasting impression on their customers.   

Ed and Alex crafted the menu items to have a lot of flavor, while also keeping in mind that some people shy away from flavors that are too overbearing. The two were able to find just the right balance to appeal to every eater. And, that has become something that sets The Mexi-Boys apart from other trucks.

 Whether it is catering a graduation party with all the authentic Mexican options or bringing one of the two trucks to a Vegan Food Festival, The Mexi-Boys has got you covered.

Did someone say fried burritos?

Taquitos? Nachos? How about tamales?

Of course, The Mexi-Boys offers traditional dishes like quesadillas and tacos, but they also have items like the Fried Burrito and The Mexi Boys Cone (think a fried tortilla in the shape of a cone and stuffed with all the goodness of a traditional burrito). 
Not only do they carry traditional Mexican food, but they also carry vegan options of the classics. Their vegan “chicken quesadilla” and jackfruit tamales are some of the many popular options they have. Ed and Alex knew the vegan community was growing fast, so they saw an opportunity to offer vegan options. Now, The Mexi-Boys has a huge vegan following.